Endoscopic brain ventricle surgeries

جراحات بطينات المخ بالميكروسكوب

ventricles of the brain

It is an important part of the brain that maintains the central nervous system and has a very important role in the production and preservation of cerebrospinal fluid. It is found in the brain in the form of structures and cavities called the ventricles of the brain.

It is necessary to choose a specialized oncological surgeon who has extensive experience in dealing with various cases of brain tumors, regardless of their difficulty, and it is necessary to undergo the operation in a hospital equipped with the latest medical equipment to ensure high success rates of the operation.

Dr. Islam Al-Ajhouri is the best consultant neurosurgeon due to his long experience in the field of tumor removal surgeries, and he can use modern techniques such as endoscopes, surgical microscopes, and surgical navigators.

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