Laparoscopic pituitary surgeries

جراحات الغدة النخامية بالمنظار

Laparoscopic pituitary surgeries

A new technique has been developed in the field of pituitary gland surgeries, which is to remove it through the nostrils using endoscope only, and the patient can leave the hospital 24 or 48 hours after the operation.

Symptoms of pituitary adenomas

Pituitary tumors are treated with endoscopic resection

One of the best methods used to remove pituitary tumors is laparoscopic surgery, as it is a minimally invasive surgery, so the doctor does not have to make several cuts in the skull to reach the gland.

Laparoscopic surgery is superior to the disadvantages of open surgery, because there are no incisions or wounds inside the brain, and this means that the side effects and effects after this procedure are minor.

Dr. Islam Al-Aghori is considered the best doctor to perform the removal of pituitary tumors due to his long experience in neurosurgery and his long history of successful removal of pituitary tumors, as well as his continuous follow-up with patients after the operation until complete recovery.

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