Fixation of the lumbar spine

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What is the spinal stabilization surgery

It is The surgery in which Prof. Dr. Islam Al-Aghori places a bony material or a material similar to natural bones in the space separating the vertebrae to be fixed. The fixation is done using the latest metal tapes and the best medical plates, and a natural bone part is implanted between the vertebrae.

Dr. Islam Al-Aghori is one of the best doctors to perform this operation, given that it is a major operation and some complications are likely to occur unless the doctor has extensive experience in spine operations.

Dr. Islam Al-Ajhouri uses the best types of braces and screws to stabilize the vertebrae, which cause less pain and require a shorter recovery time.

The doctor deals with the lower part of the spine and performs this surgery by implanting plates, screws, and cages that are biocompatible with the body to protect the bone grafts until they heal and stabilize the movement of the spine until fusion and healing take place.

These surgeries are performed with the latest technology in this field, including the surgical microscope, which provides an enlarged image of the vertebrae.

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