Excision of tumors at the base of the skull

استئصال أورام قاع الجمجمة

Excision of tumors at the base of the skull

Tumors and skull base surgery are rare and complex, but with the use of modern techniques, their removal has become easy, depending on the size of the tumor.

Symptoms of skull base tumors :

Treatment of tumors of the base of the skull :

This operation usually requires cooperation between two surgeons specializing in skull base surgery, so Dr. Islam Al-Ajhour provides a highly experienced medical team to ensure the complete and safe removal of the tumor.

Dr. Islam Al-Ajhouri is one of the best and best surgeons because he was trained in the best techniques of microscopic surgery, surgical navigation, and laparoscopy. He also dealt with the most sensitive organ of the body, which is the brain and achieved the highest success rate in these operations.

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