Treatment of hydrocephalus in children

علاج استسقاء المخ لدى الأطفال

Treatment of hydrocephalus in children

Hydrocephalus is the accumulation of fluid in the cavities deep in the brain, and the accumulation of fluid increases the size of the ventricles or cavities, and pressure occurs in the brain.

Hydrocephalus symptoms

Symptoms of hydrocephalus vary according to the age of the patient, and its symptoms in infants include the following:

Common symptoms in adults:

Hydrocephalus treatment

Dr. Islam Al-Ajhouri uses the endoscope to treat this disease without installing a foreign body or valve

It is done through a simple hole in the brain to open a waterway using an endoscope without resorting to installing a foreign body. The advantage of this surgery is to avoid infection or close the valve.

We treat dropsy surgically according to the appropriate method for the patient and using modern techniques, given that the brain area is a sensitive area:

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