Neck cartilage tumor removal

استئصال الغضروف العنقي

What is Neck cartilage removal?

It is a process in which part of the cartilage in the neck vertebrae is excised or removed using a surgical microscope and a surgical navigator device, which is considered one of the latest medical techniques in neurosurgery.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis of the neck

How to prepare for the removal of cartilage tumors in the neck with Dr. Islam Al-Aghori

This operation is performed using modern techniques used by Dr. Islam Al-Aghori, which reduces wounds on the patient’s body, leaves fewer scars, and allows for faster recovery.

We remove the cartilage of the neck through precise surgeries using the latest techniques such as the surgical microscope and the installation of a cervical cage.

Dr. Islam Al-Aghori is the best consultant neurosurgeon, as he provides the best treatment services after the operation.

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