Excision of brain tumors and vascular surgeries

استئصال أورام المخ و جراحات الأوعية الدموية

Microscopic removal of brain tumors

It is the removal of tumors using a surgical microscope, which is one of the best techniques used recently to treat this disease, as it allows Dr. Islam to completely remove the tumor.

There are some symptoms that indicate a brain tumor, including:

  • Permanent headache.
  • Difficulty speaking.
  • loss of balance
  • Loss of sense of touch and inability to move limbs.
  • Problems with vision, memory, and the inability to memorize.

The surgical microscope is considered one of the best and safest techniques in removing brain tumors, as Dr. Islam can safely remove as much tumor as possible without harming the brain tissue surrounding the tumor.

The use of the latest technologies and access to the best results depends on the experience of the attending physician. Dr. Islam Al-Aghori is one of the best doctors in this field with more than 15 years of experience.

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