Prices for spine surgeries in Egypt

Prices for spine surgeries in Egypt

Spinal surgeries in Egypt aim to reduce pressure on the spinal cord or on the vertebrae, and work to reduce intolerable pain for patients with the spine, and because it is a process characterized by high accuracy, it must be implemented with the latest technologies and the best doctors, which affects the spine.
Prices of spine surgeries in Egypt In this article, we will learn about the prices of spine surgeries in Egypt, surgeries with limited overlap, and the reasons for performing spine surgeries

اسباب اجراء عمليات العمود الفقري

Reasons for performing spine surgeries

Of course, the prices of spine operations in Egypt vary according to the type of spine operations that are performed if there is intolerable pain, an imbalance, or chronic numbness. The reasons for performing spine operations vary due to the different pathological conditions.

  • Sliding cartilaginous vertebrae.

Sliding of the vertebrae is a change in the position of one of the vertebrae of the spine towards the front or the back, and this affects the nerves and makes the patient unable to walk normally and needs rest. After resorting to medicines and physical therapy without results, surgical intervention is resorted to.

  • Spinal deformities. 

They are curves that appear abnormally in the spine, and there are many types of deformities of the spine and they are divided into scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, flat back syndrome, and inflammation of the spine, and they have caused birth defects, genetic factors, or sinful habits, and may benefit from limited intervention to repair the front and back sides in At the same time, it has been proven that this method is safer and allows the patient to recover in a faster time compared to traditional surgical methods. .

  • Spinal stenosis. 

Narrowing and shrinking of the passages between the vertebrae due to the increase in the thickness of the bone and ligaments in the vertebrae to Spinal canal stenosis And the spinal cord that contains nerves and puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots, which may lead to painful nerve pressure, numbness in the feet, and the inability to walk normally.

  • Spinal tumors. 

Spinal tumors are divided into tumors within the spinal cord or metastatic tumors that will put pressure on the spinal cord, and if there is no rapid intervention, it may destroy all nerves.

Minimally invasive spine surgeries 

It is an advanced type of spine surgery in which the operation is performed through a small incision in the skin using a surgical microscope or endoscope, and this affects the prices of spine operations in Egypt 

  • Endoscopic spine surgeries

The wound resulting from the laparoscope is about 2 cm. It works to prevent blood loss and speeds up the recovery of the body due to the lack of tissues that have been damaged. It is suitable for cases of sciatica, spinal stenosis, and cases of herniated disc and vertebrae. 

  • Microscopic spine surgery

The microscope is used in spine operations to remove spinal tumors and kyphosis or spinal accidents and includes a microscope to enlarge the target area on the screen, a bright light source, tweezers, and other specialized tools, and threads, and it is done through a very small hole and then the microscope is directed to it without It enters the human body and of course this affects the prices of spine surgeries in Egypt

Advantages of using the minimally invasive technique in spine operations

  • The speed of recovery and recovery due to the small size of the wound and the lack of tissue damage.
  • Not losing a lot of blood.
  • The speed of return to daily life compared to surgeries.
  • Suitable for those suffering from obesity and the elderly.

تحضيرات ما قبل العمليات العمود الفقري

Pre-operative spinal preparations

The doctor must make the decision to perform the spine surgery and start preparing for the operation through 

  • Knowing the medical history of the case in terms of the patient’s age, the nature of the health condition, and the diseases that the patient suffers from.
  • X-rays or MRIs to find out the causes of the problem in the spine
  • Accurate measurement of bone density with a central DEXA tester that passes the scanner over the lower spine and hip or with a peripheral DEXA test These smaller devices measure bone density in the forearm bone
  • Choose the type of anesthesia that is performed under anesthesia or general anesthesia

Post spine operations

After the operation, the patient is closely monitored and analgesics are given to relieve the pain resulting from the surgical procedure. Instructions are given to the patient on how to shower after the operation, change the wound and body position during sleep, and avoid sudden harmful movements after the operation.

The rest period that the body needs extends to 6 weeks or more, depending on the operation

The role of physiotherapy after spinal operations

Physiotherapy after the operation aims at 3 sections

  • Reducing pain after the operation helps patients quickly restore muscle strength and flexibility through special training for each patient, taking into account the type of operation, the nature of the body, and the condition of the tissues.
  • The exercises are essential for a full recovery from the operation. They are exercises that reduce muscle fatigue, and return the patient to his activities..
  • Restoration of the normal state of the patient, which enables him to perform his daily functions smoothly and easily.


Prices for spine surgeries in Egypt

There are different factors affecting the prices of spine surgeries in Egypt

First, the technique used in the treatment, is it limited-income surgeries or not, using the endoscope or the microscope.

Secondly, the nature of spine surgery.

Thirdly, choosing the best and most experienced doctors in the field of spine surgeries.

Fourth, the anesthesia team for the operation and the cost of anesthesia.

Fifth, the quality of the hospital and the duration of the patient’s stay in the hospital after the operation.

In the end, it is necessary to follow up on your health condition, and if those symptoms and signs that indicate problems of the spine that have been clarified previously appear, it is necessary to book an appointment with Dr. And knowing the prices of spinal surgeries in Egypt.

For reservations and inquiries, you can contact the phone numbers of Dr. Islam Al-Aghori Center, the best spine doctor in Egypt, and know the examination date, as the center is based on providing medical services, whether for cases of adults or children.

What are the most dangerous vertebrae of the spine?

The C1 and C2 vertebrae in the neck are considered one of the most important and dangerous vertebrae of the spine because it is the main element in the connection between the head and the spine.

How long do spine surgeries take?

Affects the type of operation performed by the patient, where the cartilage fixation operations are about an hour, and the vertebrae fixation process is two hours, and the more the surgery is in a very delicate area, the longer the time spent in the operation.

Is back spine surgery dangerous?

Yes, back vertebral surgery is one of the most dangerous operations that require extreme caution, so it is necessary to choose a doctor very carefully before undergoing the operation in order to achieve the highest possible success rates.

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